Month: July 2015


Devran means something like a “period of a specific time” in Turkish. This is another try using different materials. This time copper, brass and wood. Actually this is not a total automaton. More like a kinetic art. There is not any mechanism making the carousel turn. It can turned by hand though. I needed to […]

Concrete and The Bird

I have spent the last couple of months trying different materials for automaton. Making everything out of wood by hand carving and hobby machinery was both very tiring and time-consuming. Also, it was not possible to make precise parts like gears out of wood; I wanted to try using metal and concrete for some parts. “Concrete […]


An automaton trial I did in January. Actually, here I tried different use of materials not the automaton mechanism. Aged wood together with rusty metals. I glued a piece of old cloth over the big piece in moon shape. Aged with walnut ink. There is a very simple mechanism. When the handle is turned, iron wires […]

Paper Prototyping For An Automaton Project

Just watched these videos by Katy Hargrove about paper prototyping for an automaton project. Very helpful and I definetely recommend for beginners like me. By the way I have found these videos through Dug North’s The Automata Blog which is an amazing website full of information about automata. and part 2:

Hotel Room Paintings

This spring I made 20 acrylic paintings for a boutique hotel; “4 Reasons” in Bodrum. 4 Reasons is a family run hotel settled on the peaceful hills of Yalikavak, a small, charming Aegean seaside town. It was such a different experience for me to get in front of large canvases and paint in bright colors. […]