Author: Yaz

What Was Left Behind

This sunday we went on a trekking in Bitez to Adabogazi. It was about 10000 steps walk by the sea and in the forest. Beautiful weather, beautiful nature but life… This area is one of the places where Surian Refugee’s try to go to Greece by the sea. We first ran into a policeman at […]


And another automaton makes it to my blog.. A wooden koi fish with a weight driven pull-tab mechanism. It has taken 2 months to complete this piece, by working when I have time left from busy life. It is 110x45cm (44×18 inch) made out of wood. I used lead sinkers as weight pieces. My inspiration […]


I tried creating a different mechanism for this automaton. I wanted to experiment timing of the mechanical movement. Wings and beak move one after the other. I like to create planar mechanisms so that the final piece is more like a moving painting hanged on the wall. The main focus is to create a 2d […]

New Addition to My Studio: A CNC Machine

  My brother in law is a genius. He made a CNC machine for himself couple years ago. He has been making and selling CNC machines lately. In this spring when he said that he was making a CNC machine for me, I was very very excited. After making my first automaton project in winter, […]


Devran means something like a “period of a specific time” in Turkish. This is another try using different materials. This time copper, brass and wood. Actually this is not a total automaton. More like a kinetic art. There is not any mechanism making the carousel turn. It can turned by hand though. I needed to […]

Concrete and The Bird

I have spent the last couple of months trying different materials for automaton. Making everything out of wood by hand carving and hobby machinery was both very tiring and time-consuming. Also, it was not possible to make precise parts like gears out of wood; I wanted to try using metal and concrete for some parts. “Concrete […]


An automaton trial I did in January. Actually, here I tried different use of materials not the automaton mechanism. Aged wood together with rusty metals. I glued a piece of old cloth over the big piece in moon shape. Aged with walnut ink. There is a very simple mechanism. When the handle is turned, iron wires […]

Paper Prototyping For An Automaton Project

Just watched these videos by Katy Hargrove about paper prototyping for an automaton project. Very helpful and I definetely recommend for beginners like me. By the way I have found these videos through Dug North’s The Automata Blog which is an amazing website full of information about automata. and part 2:

Hotel Room Paintings

This spring I made 20 acrylic paintings for a boutique hotel; “4 Reasons” in Bodrum. 4 Reasons is a family run hotel settled on the peaceful hills of Yalikavak, a small, charming Aegean seaside town. It was such a different experience for me to get in front of large canvases and paint in bright colors. […]