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Blog posts about how to make a wire armature, ball joint armature, ball-socket armature for a stop motion puppet.

Making of Adem

Finally, I am posting about how I made Adem. Although I have posted other things separately, this post is going to be a very long one. Other pictures I posted previously are located here. And a walk cycle test is here to post everything all together about Adem. I had a ball&socket armature made for […]

And Adem’s Ball&Socket Armature…

Here he is Adem’s armature. I received this armature couple weeks ago but did not have a chance to post here. It is simply beautiful. Many thanks to Erol Akbarci who made this armature for me. It works great!!! Very clean, carefully produced. This is 5.5″ You see that he has very long arms. I […]

puppet making – the head

I am not going to be animating the head; just simple movement, turning. So, I made the head with super sculpy. I think making head is the hardest part of the puppet. You need to make it have a character. I tried 5 different heads with different size, expression, age,… Here is how final one […]

puppet making – hands without latex

I could not find liquid latex here and did not know how to make the hands. I posted on asked pros about the latex substitudes. I was suggested to wrap the hands with yarn(as it was shown on my previous post) and cover with silicone sealant. I am not totally happy with the result […]