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It has been a while since my last post about the film. I have been having a very busy summer; spending time with our families in July. At the beginning of August, our babysitter quit working -she’s getting married- and my daughter started to go to kindergarten half day, 5 days a week. So, we have […]

clock face with numerals

Using insulaton foam again. Nice, soft enough to cut and hard enough to sand… You see white boxes on the left top pic above. Those are the boxes of our lunch 🙂 Those made very nice numerals… After cutting, sanding and glueing process is done, I covered whole thing with foam glue and left it […]

painting stones -4 … stairs again

Last week I bought some new paints and a nice decorative painting book. I was not totally happy with the previous result and wanted to give another try. Especially the texture bothered me a lot. So, this time I used pink insulation foam. The process is pretty much the same as before. Because the insulation […]

painting stones – 3

After my previous post, Shelley suggested me to try using Walnut Ink to get a better aged look. It seems like walnut ink is such a nice paint to use for aging but unfortunately, I could not find it here… So, I wanted to try shoe polish. I first painted with a brown shoe polish. […]

painting stones – 2

After a day of unsuccessful painting, I decided to really “think” and find a way to get the right look. I went out for a walk and found a piece of stone which was in the right color I wanted for my ruins. Besides color, there was also a problem with the edges of the […]

Painting Stones – 1

My first try was not successful. This is what happens when you do not think and just follow what the tutorial says. I was trying to make polystyrene stairs look like ruins; aged stones. I ended up having nice & dark castle blocks. If you want to make a castle, you can try the following painting process: […]