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World’s First 3D-Stopmotion TV series: T-Bot by MAARA

Niyazi Ozyurt is one of the great people I met during my stop motion adventure. He is a professional stopmotinist applying his extensive experince and educational background to create inventive films. His studio is called Maara Animation based in Istanbul Turkey. He and his team created many of both commercial and noncommercial films. They are […]

The Invasion – Time to Animate!

There is a side project I do with my sister Asuman. A stop motion film “The Invasion” I posted about this film here before. Asuman finished all and has sent me. I received a box full of effort, full of love… I have seen closely how detailed Asuman worked on this set. Each piece was […]

The Invasion – Set work almost done

The Invasion. This is a film I am making with my sister Asuman. She has been working hard to get things together on the set. It looks like I am going to be shooting in a couple of months. This is going to be an interesting small film showing the human invasion… Asuman is a graphic […]

An Amazing Bird Puppet!

Someone on message board posted the URL of a music video by Bowerbirds a while ago. There is an amazing crow puppet here. He said that he made the armature for the wings. I asked him if he could send me some photos of the puppet before it was foamed and feathered -which he […]

From Halfland… From Shelley..

This morning, I have received a pack of love, friendship, warmth, life, support, goodwill, happiness from the land of Halfland. A treasure came all the way from California. It was one of the most emotional moments in my life.. opening up the envelope, seeing all those beautiful things she sent me. I met Shelley after […]

Another Film Project – The Invasion

I am out of town, travelling. Now, I am in Istanbul with my husband’s family but last week I was in Tokat visiting my mother and sisters. Me and my sister have started working on a new stop motion project. My sister Asuman is a graphic artist and she has been making some great “ebru” […]

busy beeeeee

It has been a week since my last post. So, I want to post to say that I am alive and have been working on a lot of graphic design and flash animation works. It looks like these projects will take another very busy week and then I will be back working on my film. […]

I hate Windows Vista

Today, I tried to buy a table top for the set. I need to start building the set. Rocks, clock, tree, birds,.. There is a lot to do. Could not find a proper wood for the table top. It will be on another day… Good news!!! I am going to have Windows XP on my […]

I am here again…

Ok, I am here again. Vaowww my last post was on sept 20th. Long time, no post… Started again couple weeks ago by working on the puppet. What I have done so far? Tried couple of different options for clothes and the head. Clothes are done. He now has a nice outfit; pants and the […]

Merhaba dunya

Hi all, today I have activated my blog for my stop motion works.. I started stop motion about 2 months ago. Now I have a studio setup and started building puppet and the set of my first film. I will upload the process here in the next couple days..