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Devran 1
Devran means something like a “period of a specific time” in Turkish.

This is another try using different materials. This time copper, brass and wood.

Devran 2

Actually this is not a total automaton. More like a kinetic art. There is not any mechanism making the carousel turn. It can turned by hand though.

Devran 3

I needed to make a lot of welding. I soldered copper and brass with soldering wire. I do not have a weldering machine. Soldering machine did not work. Thanks to my friend Tahir who suggested me to use copper and brasss and showed how to solder using a small kitchen gas tank. There are some pictures of making of this piece below. Unfortunately no pic of the welding. Maybe I will show in another post.


handsBase part was going to be the concrete hands I made. I first planned on using iron wires to make the carousel part. But after switching to copper and brass, the hands did not look good. So, I took some of Zeynep’s old wooden toy parts and designed the base.



Making of Devran:

(click thumbnails to view larger pics)

No needed to shoot a video for this one.

This post is also available in: Turkish

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