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Back to Tree of Life

It has been a while since my last post about the film. I have been having a very busy summer; spending time with our families in July. At the beginning of August, our babysitter quit working -she’s getting married- and my daughter started to go to kindergarten half day, 5 days a week. So, we have […]

glue leaves onto the tree

When it was time to actually glue the leaves onto the tree, I was totally suprised. You know I made a test. I was able to stick the leave onto my test branch easily with super glue. But when I tried sticking to the branch, because of the many layers of acrylic paint , super glue […]

leavesssssss, many leaves… crazy

I created 500 leaves by cutting, gluing, painting back and fronts… It was crazy. And after all this process leaves look kind of big on the tree and I am not totally happy with the result. I wanted leaves to be big but I could have done little smaller. Anyways, maybe I would work more […]