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painting stones -4 … stairs again

Last week I bought some new paints and a nice decorative painting book. I was not totally happy with the previous result and wanted to give another try. Especially the texture bothered me a lot. So, this time I used pink insulation foam. The process is pretty much the same as before. Because the insulation […]

painting stones – 2

After a day of unsuccessful painting, I decided to really “think” and find a way to get the right look. I went out for a walk and found a piece of stone which was in the right color I wanted for my ruins. Besides color, there was also a problem with the edges of the […]

clock in progress

I am working on the ancient clock which will be on the ground over a rocky surface. Mr puppet will walk around this clock. There are stairs which he will use to walk over the clock. There will be a mosaic of ancient greek zodiac on the outher edge, outside. You see pieces of stones on […]