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Back to Tree of Life

It has been a while since my last post about the film. I have been having a very busy summer; spending time with our families in July. At the beginning of August, our babysitter quit working -she’s getting married- and my daughter started to go to kindergarten half day, 5 days a week. So, we have […]

glue leaves onto the tree

When it was time to actually glue the leaves onto the tree, I was totally suprised. You know I made a test. I was able to stick the leave onto my test branch easily with super glue. But when I tried sticking to the branch, because of the many layers of acrylic paint , super glue […]

leavesssssss, many leaves… crazy

I created 500 leaves by cutting, gluing, painting back and fronts… It was crazy. And after all this process leaves look kind of big on the tree and I am not totally happy with the result. I wanted leaves to be big but I could have done little smaller. Anyways, maybe I would work more […]

adding mosses

I did not have the moss sold in craft stores. So, I tried making my own moss out of the yarn like you see in the first picture. I mixed little pieces of yarn with green paint and applied to the tree after putting some glue over the trunk to where I want to add […]

painting the tree

At this point I really need to mention a great blog site of  Shelley Noble. If you are into stop-motion review She has some great posts about the whole process which has helped me a lot while working on this tree. Thank you Shelley!!! You can see her answer tree building process here at: […]

making the wood texture

First covered whole tree with DECOSA foam glue. Then mixed plaster with regular wood glue and covered the whole tree. At this point do your magic and try to make it as closed as a real tree texture. I am trying to make a beech like tree here which does not have a strong texture. […]

adding little branches

I made the little branches out of 0.9mm aluminum wire and masking tape. Lets say you need 8 little branches at the end; take 8 wires and separate into 2 and 4 and 8,.. then cover all with masking tape. I used yarn when adding the little branch to the main tree branch to make […]

Making the roots, trunk and brunch

I used 3 and 2 mm galvanized wire for the roots, trunk and main branches. Calculated how many branhes I would need for the number of wires to be used. I covered each wire with a piece of newspaper. And shaped the tree using masking tape with these newspaper covered wires. For the little branches […]