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From Halfland… From Shelley..

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This morning, I have received a pack of love, friendship, warmth, life, support, goodwill, happiness from the land of Halfland. A treasure came all the way from California. It was one of the most emotional moments in my life.. opening up the envelope, seeing all those beautiful things she sent me.

I met Shelley after following up her process to make a tree for my film. Coincidence… after months, I was working on tree of life again and the package arrived. The 2nd Halfland button, leaves from the Answer Tree, stop mo water gel samples and many other things treasure besides the gifts she handmade for us!

I really do not know how I can thank you Shelley. You are there lighting up my path….


  1. Hooray! You got it! I still can’t get over that I can mail you something from here and it gets Waaaaaaaay over there!! Vaowow! Did they let the little bottle of matte medium go through? The wool? I can’t believe this works!

  2. Yep :))) All arrived here. I have emailed you with some pictures. It looks like they did not even open the package to check out. Everthing was in a great shape.

  3. justin rasch says

    so cool!!

    stop mo community is soooooo small !!

    Its awesome to see us all meeting and helping eachother in this wierd little artform we share.


  4. Justin, yes definetely! I am so lucky to have friends like you all.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. That Shelley, she really is a treasure. I’m sorry I haven’t been about much, Yaz. I am going to do a big blog read and catch up soon! Hopefully this weekend! And hopefully, also, I’ll make an update to mine sometime in the near future!

  6. Hi DJ, good to see you back! Yes, Shelley is a real treasure. I can not thank her enough..
    How have you been? I hope everything is going well there. I am waiting for your blog post. I have been away for a while and have finally started to work on stopmo again. Keep in touch..

  7. I am grateful for Shelley for many reasons and one of them is that she introduced me to YOU! I look forward to following your progress on this wonderful project.

  8. Peggy, thank you sooooo much for your support!!! I am also grateful for Shelley that she introduced me to you. You are such a talented artist and your comments about this process are very valuable for me.

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